Personal data
Gender Female
Species Unknown type of Slug
Occupation Slug of Bailey Sterling
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence With Bailey
Affiliation Sterling family, Shane Gang
Slinger Bailey Sterling
Friends Burpy and Joules
Enemies Dr. Blakk
Powers and skills
Powers Morph, fire and electricity manipulation via morph
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Vira (pronounced as "Vi Ra") is the name of a female slug and is Bailey Sterling's ace slug. Her species is unknown.

Between all the of the Shane Gang slugs, Vira gets along the best with Burpy and Joules.

Physical description

Vira has the normal slug physiology, with greyish-blue skin colour with neon-blue lightning designs on her head and stomach.

In Velocity Form, Vira takes the form of a large, lightning-wolf with rings of fire around its paws and tails, almost making her element be a combo of Fire and Electricity - but this is still unknown.



  • Protoform Abilities: Vira is able to unleash a small jolt of electricity.
  • Velocity Form abilities
    • Lightningball: Vira shoots a ball of lightning, varying in size.
    • Flame Claw: Vira creates an electrifying path by slashing the ground.
    • Nova Shield: Vira creates a shield of fire.
    • Spark Claw: Using her claw, Vira can swipe anything and give it a good shock.
    • Thunder Fall: Vira unleashes a meteor shower of small balls of lightning.


Vira's past is relatively unknown. The only thing known is that Bailey found her shortly before she left her home in the Western Caverns. She joined Bailey and Arcana, Bailey's Arachnet, once Bailey hit thirteen and joined the Mecha Races.

When Bailey was fifteen, and won a race, she was approached by Dr. Thaddius Blakk, who tried to recruited Bailey into his team due to her great racing skills, but was quickly saved by the Shane Gang who took her to their hideout. There, Bailey, Vira, and Spinner were told about Dr. Blakk and his Ghouls and both quickly joined the team, after letting Piper know.


  • Vira was original a Fire Attribute Slug.
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