The W-LF is a Mecha Beasts model built in at the Sterling Factory, which is located in the same cave that the Sterling family resides in. The W-LF Model has had two designs so far. The first belonging to the first Wolfe, Arianna who had a white and gold edition and now Bailey, who has a pure black version, nicknamed "Wolf".


"We need them to be ready at any time. Mecha Races are dangerous, as Dad says, so he wanted mine and my brother's Mecha Beasts to be able to move on their own"
—Bailey telling the Shane Gang about Wolf

The W-LF model is based off speed and agility. While it is stronger in those points, the W-LF is still strong. Similar to the LK-E model, the W-LF model has an updated Turbine Heart, which is extra efficient at converting ambient slug energy into fuel using molecular transference. While it is unknown for Arianna's W-LF if it was was able to change forms, Bailey's can. Her W-LF is installed with an artificial intelligence and is fit with "Bike Mode" (transforming into a motorcycle), "Aquatic Mode" and most recently, "Flight Mode". Wolf was also fitted (with help from Cave Trolls) a voice command which allows her shout out either "Bike Mode", "Beast Mode" "Flight Mode" or "Aquatic Mode", and Wolf will automatically transform.


  • W-LF is based off wolf Timber wolf
    • Arianna's is based off a white wolf.
    • Bailey's is based off a black wolf.
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