Winter Kane
Personal data
Age 17
Gender Female
Species White wolf
Occupation Street performer (formerly)
Member of the Loonatics
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Arctos
Residence Acmetropolis
Ethnicity Arctosian
Hair color Black
Eye color Bright green
Skin color White
Fur color White, gray
Love interest Tech E. Coyote
Relatives Catherine Kane (mother)
Affiliation Loonatics
Friends Tech, Lexi, Ace, Slam, Duck, Zadavia
Enemies Stone Claw, Optimatus, Mastermind, Weathervane, Sypher, Massive
Powers and skills
Powers Psychic energy manipulation
Skills Hand-to-hand combat, combat specialist, basic healing, street performing
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit
Just because my name is Winter, doesn't mean I have the power over ice or snow.
Winter Kane


Winter was born and raised on Arctos to General Catherine Kane, her father unknown. At the age of two, her powers over telekinesis and psychic energy manifested, making her the only one with said powers. Growing up, she was treated differently because of her powers, she didn't like them at all, but thanks to her mother, she learned to treasure her powers, as being different only made her more unique.

When she was eight, her mother was forced back in the war zone leaving Winter with the other children who's parents were also in the war. Four years later, the war got even worse making many parents send their children to another planet to be kept safe. Winter didn't get sent until she was fifteen.

Catherine risked her life to make sure her daughter was sent someplace where she thought no one would find her, knowing that the war was mostly due to Winter's different powers. Just prior to getting Winter away, Catherine made contact with an old friend of hers and asked her watch over her daughter once she arrived to Acmetropolis.

Winter ended up watching her mother getting killed by a sniper and could only watch in horror was she escaped while her mother lost her life protecting her.

Arriving to Acmetroplis

At sixteen, she finally arrived to Acmetroplis, but as someone from not around, Winter didn't really know what to do. She wandered around the streets, homeless and starving, only able to get food by stealing - which she didn't want to do, but she had no money and no idea how to earn any.

After she accidentally revealed her powers to the public, she was shocked to see the people clapping and asking for more. Using it to her advantage, Winter became a street performer using her powers to help her earn some money. Her shows got very popular which helped her earn enough money to rent an apartment.

Meeting the Loonatics

Joining the Loonatics

Loonatics Unleashed characters

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