Winter Kane
Personal data
Age 17
Gender Female
Species White wolf
Occupation Street performer (formerly)
Member of the Loonatics
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Arctos
Residence Acmetropolis
Ethnicity Arctosian
Hair color Black
Eye color Bright green
Skin color White
Fur color White, gray
Love interest Tech E. Coyote
Relatives Catherine Kane (mother)
Affiliation Loonatics
Friends Tech, Lexi, Ace, Slam, Duck, Zadavia
Enemies Stone Claw, Optimatus, Mastermind, Weathervane, Sypher, Massive
Powers and skills
Powers Psychic energy manipulation
Skills Hand-to-hand combat, combat specialist, basic healing, street performing
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit
Just because my name is Winter, doesn't mean I have the power over ice or snow.
Winter Kane


The Loonatics

After helping with the Ice Vikings, Winter is welcomed onto the Loonatics Team.


Winter is a former resident of the planet Arctos.


  • Catherine Kane (mother, deceased)
  • Unnamed/Unknown father

Catherine Kane

Catherine is Winter's mother, she never knew her father. Winter had a very strong bond with her mother before she died during war. While they didn't have a close bond, they were still close nevertheless. Winter has been told many stories of her mother and hopes to one day, be as great as them.


Winter knows nothing about her father. She doesn't even know his name! While she did hate her mother for a while on the father subject, she soon forgot about and remembered how her mother's job normally kept her out of normal relationships. Though, Winter does wonder who her father is and if possibly she got her powers from him.


Ace Bunny

Winter looks up to Ace, not just because of being leader, but also because of a brother-sister bond she has with him. She spars a lot with Ace to keep her skills up in shape.

Lexi Bunny

With Lexi as the only girl on the team, Winter has a strong bond with Lexi. A almost sister-like bond. Winter looks up to Lexi a lot and talks to her about her past that she hasn't talked with the guys yet.

Rev Runner

Winter sees Rev has an older brother, since she is younger than him. Despite Rev's fast speaking, Winter does not get annoyed with him when he talks too much. In fact she actually enjoys it and finds it funny when someone can't understand what he is saying.

Slam Tasmanian

Winter's relationship with Slam is a normal teammate one, but with an "I'm the older brother and you're the younger sister" sort of relationship. Winter holds more respect for Slam than she does with Duck, despite not even knowing what Slam says have the time.

Danger Duck

Winter's relationship with Duck is more of a older sister and little brother "I get annoyed with you" sort of relationship with Winter getting very annoyed with Duck and always trying to outdo Ace or trying to be leader. Most of the time, she ends up keeping his beak shut.

Tech E. Coyote

At first, Winter saw Tech just as a friend. But as time went by and the two of them ended up doing a lot in the lab, she started to develop a crush.


Coming Soon

Loonatics Unleashed characters

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