Winter the Tiger
Winter the Tiger

Winter is the late father of Blizzard and Sparklie.
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Alias Lord Winter
The Great Snow Storm
The King of Ice
Age 30-33 (at death)
Gender Male
Species Mobian albino tiger
Occupation Leader of the Element Village (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Killed by Dr. Eggman; June 5, 1991
Production notes
Created by Icyi

Winter the Tiger (ウィンター ・ザ ・タイガー Wintaa za Taigaa) was a 30 year old anthropomorphic male Mobian tiger and the former leader of the Element Village. He is the great-great-great-grandson to Anastasia, great-great-grandson to Voltage, the son of Forest and Kori, great-nephew of Ame, husband to Calor and the father of Blizzard and Sparklie. He is also the grandfather to Electrica and Thunder.

Physical description

Winter was a tall tiger with light powder blue fur and black stripes. He had an upside-down black 'star' lightning bolt symbol on his head, and a darker light blue shade with a white muzzle and belly. He had three bangs of hair with maya blue tips. He was last wearing a snow white scarf, white gloves with blue cuffs and light sky blue boots with white tips and blue backing.


As the leader of Element Village, Winter was wise, brave, and caring. As a father, he was loving, king, smart, caring and somewhat strict. He loved his family dearly.


As a member of the Tiger Clan, Winter inherited the power the elemental manipulation; in his case he inherited ice/snow.


  • Ice manipulation: From his heritage, Winter gained the power to create and control ice while also being able to freeze objects and individuals.
    • Ice generation: Winter was able to generate ice and use it in the forms of attacks.
    • Cyrokinetic constructs: Winter was able to create constructs out of ice.
    • Cold resistance: Winter had a strong resistance to extreme cold temperatures.
  • Snow generation: Winter was able to generate snow, but only in the form of attacks.
  • Enhanced speed


  • Hand-to-hand combat: Winter was skilled in hand-to-hand-combat.
  • Cyrokinetic combat: Winter was able to infuse his ice powers with his combat skills
  • Leadership skills


  • Fire and heat: As the opposite of his element, Winter could easily be defeated by fire and heat.


  • Scar (formerly)


  • Winter was an albino Ice Tiger.
  • His scarf belonged to his mother and was then passed to his son.
  • Winter shares the same name with Loonatics Unleashed character, Winter Kane.
Preceded by
Forest the Tiger
Leader of Element Village Succeeded by
Calor the Tiger]
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