The Yuki family is a family of werewolves. They are the leaders of the Yuki Forest Pack.


Sora Yuki

Sora Yuki is the ancestor of Regina, Ren, Arata, Jaden and Reina Yuki. He was the first known Alpha of the Yuki Forest Pack.

Regina Yuki

Regina Yuki is the first known female Alpha of the Yuki Forest Pack and the grandmother of Ren Yuki. Her mate is unknown but she mothered at least one child to have Ren as her grandson.

Ren Yuki

Ren Yuki is the grandson of Regina Yuki, and like his grandmother, was the Alpha of the Yuki Forest Pack. He spent most of his time as alpha, keeping the humans out of the way of the society of werewolves. It was unknown who his mate was but he had one as he fathered a son and daughter, Arata and Akemi. He is the father of Arata and Akemi, father-in-law of Cori Yuki, and grandfather of Jaden Yuki.

Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki is the first born son and child of Arata and Cori Yuki, and is the next Alpha of the Yuki Forest Pack. As alpha, Jaden shifted early, and spent a lot of time with his grandfather, Ren Yuki, in Japan learning about what he needed to do when he took over as Alpha of the Yuki Forest Pack. Jaden spent all of his middle school years and up to sophomore year of high school in Japan with his grandfather training. He returned to American for his junior year.

In his wolf form, Jaden takes after his father, being a large dark brown wolf with his muzzle and the tip of his tail being a lighter brown. But unlike his father, his eyes as a wolf, are the same color when in his human form: nice light brown.

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