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Yuki pack
Basic Information
Status Alive
Residence La Push, Washington
Forks, Washington
Founder Jaden Yuki
Special ability Jaden: Alpha Voice, Superior strength
Reina: Superior speed
Catherine: Superior hearing
Elijah: Telepathy
Occupation Students
Protectors of La Push
Protectors of Kylie

The Yuki pack, more commonly known as Jaden Yuki's pack, is a pack formed by Jaden when Raven Cairo wants Kylie Reynolds removed because the vampires are always going after her, which prompted Jaden to embrace his rightful position as Alpha and break away from Raven's pack with his sister and Catherine and Melanie Avalon joining.


The Yuki pack was formed when Jaden broke away when Raven wanted to get rid of Kylie because she was attracting a lot of vampires to the area. After learning what she was planning, Elijah Storm joined the pack - due to his old feelings for Kylie.

Caught Between Two Worlds


Yuki Pack
Name Position Special Ability
Jaden Yuki Alpha Alpha voice/Superior strength
Reina Yuki Beta Superior speed
Catherine Avalon Gamma Superior hearing
Melanie Avalon Member None
Elijah Storm Member Telepathy


Caught Between Two Worlds

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