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Early life

Zarina hails from the Hidden Valley. She is the youngest daughter of Lilac and the only daughter of Seth and the half-sister of Felix, Carmen, Leya, Diego, and Leila.

Growing up, Zarina believed that Antonio was her father, since he was a tiger and so was she. But after recovering the Tiger’s Treasure, Zarina learned the truth: Anubis was her real father.

Tiger's Treasure

Before she knew that Seth was her father, Zarina had run away to find her own destiny. She was only 10 when she ran away. Four years later, she has become a well-known treasure hunter and mercenary known as La Blanca Tigressa. She was soon charged with finding a rare and powerful artifact called the Tiger’s Treasure.

During the search, she became friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and soon found herself falling for the blue hedgehog. She and her new friends eventually discovered the location of the Tiger’s Treasure, but also running into her brother Felix, who revealed a shocking truth: Seth was her father.

Wanting to make sure this was true, Zarina continued on to get the Tiger’s Treasure, and the gem proved that what Felix said was true, and that was when her powers were finally unlocked.

After the Tiger's Treasure

After learning the truth of her family, Zarina goes to her father's home, the Kingdom of Veton to learn more about her ancestor. There, she meets her grandmother, Nefertiti and bonds right away with her. Before leaving in search for the Voltage Crystal, Nefertiti gives Zarina Cleopatra's gauntlets to help her control her new found powers.

Meeting Team Jungle